Hunter College - Master of Science in Applied Social Research / Digital Sociology Program

GSR 70800 Statistics 1

GSR 70900 Statistics 2

GSR 71000 Qualitative Research Methods 

GSR 71100 Quantitative Research Methods

GSR 79025 â€śCombatting the Far Right Online, in the Streets & Around the Globe" Research Intensive Seminar

GSR 79006 Thinking Critically In a Digital Society

GSR 71800 Research Internship

GSR 71900 Applied Research Seminar

Goucher College - Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 

SOA 497 Capstone in Sociology and Anthropology 

SOA 391 Seminar in Environmental Sociology

SOA 383 Seminar The Good Life

SOA 217 Methods in Social Research

SOA 388 Sex, Selves, Society

SOA 201 Writing to Interpret Social Life

SOA 200 Development of Social Thought 

SOA 260 Deviance and Social Control

SOA 230 Food, Nutrition and Culture