Kiere Doherty-James is a writer, social researcher and graduate student. She holds a B.A in Sociology with Cum Laude honors from Goucher College. during her undergraduate career her research interest were involved in gender, culture, media studies and identity deviance.

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Kiere’s current research interest lies in studying the movements of far-right communities online, and developing strategies with which to combat their spread of far-right ideology online. 

The culmination of Kiere’s undergraduate studies was an extensive qualitative research paper entitled “I Feel Pretty: Navigating Women’s and Femme People’s Experience with Desirability”. Directly inspired by her research into the intersection of sex work and online identity and per previous project “Do You Think This Pic is Sexy?: Sex Work and Social Media”. 

As an individual Kiere maintains a deep curiosity regarding the growing range of technologies that shape identity, racial algorithmic bias. As well as the role active, internet reform and the role applied research can play in developing more equitable, sustainable communities online. 

 Kiere is currently a M.S candidate in the Hunter College Applied Social Research and Digital Sociology program. Within her graduate studies, Kiere has developed a proficiency in quantitative statistics using R and STATA, interviewing, interview analysis and other qualitative methods. She has worked on a number of projects both independently and in tandem with professional research groups, accomplishing goals on schedule. 

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